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Customer Testimonials

Subject:  Re. Statues

Hi Jenny!

This is Fr. Tim again in Colbert, Washington....  I am SO pleased with the statues---they are spectacular in our space, and I am so grateful for your help and the quality of service!  Now, of course, I need to find a different crucifix for our space.... I am wondering if the crucifix at the bottom of your first page that is 60" tall was a companion piece to the two statues, or if it is from a different chapel....  Also, given the quality of the statues, I am wondering about the origins of that crucifix...

Thank you for your help!  I also would be happy to offer some kind of testimonial if you would like.... I have already recommended your website to two priests in our diocese who are looking for items for their parishes...

Fr. Tim

Subject:  Re.  Pew

Hi Jenny and all the fellas


Many thanks for the great Pew – it looks lovely in our kitchen.  We are very pleased with it and you run a great service.




Lyn ad John

Subject.  Re:  Pew to Holland

Hi Jenny,


Its arrived and looks great.





Subject.  Re:  Pew


Well received - the pew is very nicely done. Thank you and kind regards,


Subject.  Re:   Chairs

Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you

For my chairs.

They look lovely in my new kitchen.

Thanks for selecting ones in such great condition.

I will highly recommend you to my friends and family.

I look forward to buying from you again.

Kind Regards.

Louise Kelly

Subject.  Re:  Chairs


Chairs fit in perfectly, as you can see. Excellent service. Thank you, John for your advice. 


Su Edwards

Subject:  Re. chair

Hi there,


Just a quick email to thank you for the wonderful service received whilst purchasing a church chair. Lovely condition, well packaged and super fast delivery. Very pleased.


Kind regards,


Subject.  Re:  Shipment to Finland

Hi Jenny and Lawrence

Yes, i got everything last friday- afternoon.

I had 3 my friends here to help me. The biggest section fit very well in staircase , because i had 3 helpers.

We got it inside quite fast.

I'm very happy now. Reredos is absolutely magnificent and beautiful !!

The chair and the candlesticks are also awesome !!

You have packed everything very carefully, and i made about 9-10 large garbage bags full of packing- material.

I have hoovering the reredos holes and wiped all dust away from the frontside.
I must add moore posidrive screws and i have to add also one long wood- board to make the reredos really strong.

I also noticed, that there was 2 old stamps behind the canvas-print.
If i remember right, there was something like this: Black school, London and some address???

I don't know, are they reredos ex- owners or something else ?

Anyway, it has been a long process, and i am happy and now i'm thanking you both.

I will contact you later if i want to buy something moore.

Thank you both, and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!

kind regards, marko

Subject:  Re. Pews

Thanks for the pews, they are safely here. They arrived exactly when you said they would. Fantastic!

Jeffrey Bell

Subject:  Re. Order

Morning Lawrence


The goods arrived yesterday but, as I was out, I only opened them today - wow! Many thanks for the great care you took in packaging them, the service provided by your company has been first class!


I look forward to buying more......!!


Kind regards



 Subject:  Re. Pew

Hi Guys

The pew is here safe and sound and I LOVE it – thank you so much for all your help, there’s going to be fights at tea time over who gets to sit on it I’m sure! :-)

Take care

Subject. Re:  They are here!

Hi Jenny....the package from FedEx arrived today.....I was so surprised it came so very quickly....I thought maybe Friday....but there it was in perfect condition.  It was perfectly packaged and even the glass was intact on both framed items....and you know what a tousle things receive coming so far!  The instructions were very clear and I had everything together in no time flat...please thank the fellows who did the work and let them know how grateful I am won't you?  The stained glass cartoons will arrive any day now I am sure....I will let you know as soon as they do also....can't wait to see them....I will whisk them right over to the framers and have them remounted just like they were at your place.  Again Jenny, you have been so splendid in keeping your old California customer happy..bless you!  G

Subject:  Re.  everything



Dear jenny

Just to say Thankyou.

Everything arrived well and the crucifix more beautiful than i had remembered.

Best wishes,


Subject:  Re. Table Lectern

Hi there, 

Lectern received! Its lovely, many thanks for prompt delivery. 

Many thanks



Subject.  Re:  Pewter Communion Bread Holder


Many thanks for your excellent service and very prompt delivery – great item.


Tony mills (Peterborough)

Subject.  Re:  Pew

Hi Steve,


Just to say we received the pew yesterday and wanted to say thank you as it all fits perfectly.


Many thanks



Subject.  Re:  Altar

we are delighted with the altar,   thanks for getting it to us so quickly. 




Subject.  Re:  Pews

Hi Steve,


The pews have arrived and all I can say, apart from thank you, is WOW!  They are absolutely stunning and the perfect size and style; people keep popping into my office to say how much they like them.  In fact you may be getting a call shortly from a colleague of mine who has completely fallen in love with them.  So, we may be able to drum up some more business for you.



Huge thanks once again to you and your colleagues.


Kind regards,



Subject:  Re. Alms Dish


I recently ordered a brass Alms Dish from you which arrived yesterday,

many thanks for the prompt service.

I wonder if you can help me and let me know which church this was from (I notice that a lot of your items indicate this)

Many thanks


Subject:  Re. My Order

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for sorting out my order - it arrived today & I'm very happy with it!

Subject:  Re. My Order


What can one say? Fantastic service, the items are just like they way they were advertised, Thank you.

Bishop - Elect Father Mark Paris-Haines.
United Old Catholic Church

Subject:  Re. Lectern



You had arranged everything perfectly.  I received a call on my mobile Wednesday evening, checking if I was home.  Delivery followed within 1,5 to 2 hours (by a Polish truckdriver who only spoke Polish but he showed the delivery paper with the address of Church Antiques as well as my name &  address and I showed him my ID so he knew he had the right person in front of him.  He hauled it out of his truck, I signed off and then took it to my apartment where it now stands as an eyecatcher.

So far only my friend has seen it and she had the expected wow-reaction.


Here are 2 pics that will give you an idea of what triggered that wow.


Thanks again Jenny & kind regards



Subject:  Re. Safe etc.

Hi Jenny,


It was lovely to see you today.  Thanks again for keeping the items for me.  They are wonderful.



Subject:  Re. Stole

just a quick email to say thank you I got the stole yesterday after picking it up from the post office, great service, picture didn't do it justice.


thanks again


Subject:  Re. Chairs

Dear Jenny,


My chairs have just arrived and they are wonderful! Just what I wanted, even nicer than I expected, and they look lovely in my cottage kitchen.


They were beautifully packaged and wrapped - I am very pleased indeed.


Thank you so much - what a great way to run a business!


Kind regards,



Subject:  Re. Chairs


Just a quick email to say a huge 'Thank You' to you all for such a quick and great service. I ordered two Chapel Chairs on Friday 21st Dec and received my delivery on Christmas Eve.

Very happy with the Chairs, exactly what we wanted!


Many Thanks, once again.


Kind Regards


Bethan Willicombe

Subject:  Re. Holy Family

Dear Jenny,


Arrived this morning very well packaged and all in one peice.

Many thanks again, will vist your site again in future to see if any other intresting items come up.

Happy Christmas to you all.



Subject:  Re. Tables

Dear Jenny

Just to let you know it worked like clockwork today. So thanks We love the furniture and are telling all our friends about you so you may get some more orders up north!

Wishing you all. very merry Christmas and a great 2013 Best wishes



Subject:  Re. Liverpool Elm chapel / church chair

Hi Jenny - I am so delighted with the chapel chairs (6) received recently from you. They are super quality and will take pride of place in  my fisherman's cottage. Karl who delivered them was most helpful and all in all I am one happy bunny. Thanks once again and a very happy Christmas to you all.

Carol Sherwood

Subject: Re.  Immaculate Conception Statue


Dear Jenny,


The statue arrived today! It is a shame that it was treated roughly at sometime before it came into your possession as it is chipped in some places.

However we are very happy to have it! I love it already.


Thank you very much for your courtesy Jenny. It has been a pleasure to buy from you.


Kind regards,



Subject:  Re. Stole

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much again for all your help concerning my purchase. I received the stole yesterday and it's really quite stunning.

Kind regards,


Subject:  Re. Prayer Desk

Hello, hope all is well with you all, the prayer desk I ordered last year for my mother has been a true true joy to her, it came wrapped so securely, and is a real treasure, thank you with all your help last year!  She was soooooo surprised and prays on it daily. 
Thank you again!

Nikki Allen
Texas, USA

Subject:  Re. Crosses

Hi Epiphany,

Received my package of crosses.

That was fast!

They both are wonderful and much much better than the photos.

The alter crosse just needs a little TLC and it will be good as new!

You and your colleagues were very helpful.




John Neuhauser

Subject:   Re. Altar

Dear Jenny


Could you  email me a reciept for the payment of the Alter


Just to let you know it arrived this morning and looks as good as the photograph


Many Thanks



Subject:   Re. French Benediction Candlestick

Dear Jenny,


The Benediction candlestick arrived this morning and I have just taken it to church.  The Parish Priest is absolutely delighted with it and we are (obviously) going to have it professionally cleaned and polished.  Thank you for packing it so well.  Our priest asked me if you knew anything of the history of this candlestick such as which church it originally came from.  If you know anything about it we would love to hear about it.


With best wishes



Subject:  Re. Hymnal Books


Hello once again dear friends...Thank you so very much for the ten Redemption Hymnals we bought from you....we [ and the members of our small church group ] are absolutely thrilled with them....they are a real answer to our prayers...many thanks indeed...God Bless you as much as you have truly blessed us...warmest regards..Pat....

Subject:  Re. Chairs

Hi Jenny,


            Just to let you know the chairs arrived yesterday and I now have them at my house. They go really well with the table. I am going to stain them (same colour as the table) and wax them. 


    Best regards Janette

Subject:  Re.  Altar Rails

Dear Jenny


Chatham Altar / Communion Rails just arrived.

It is very solid and is good condition with well packaged.


Will be attached to the chancel rails, consecrated, from the use of World Communion Sunday worship.


Thank you for all your help.


Kind regards,


Rev. Makito Hayashi
Senior Pastor
Nishiarai (Methodist) Church, the UCCJ

Subject. Re:  Hymn Board and Runner

Dear Jenny,


The hymn board and the runner are simply beautiful and have brought a quietness to our home. 


Many thanks to you all at church antiques.




Subject:  Re.  Missal Stand


Dear Jenny,

Wonderful news! It arrived yesterday - well packaged and with all those impressive looking pieces of paperwork with numbers you mentioned.

Thank you again for all your help. We shall be perusing your website again when in need of items (or when we just feel the need to shop). It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Best regards,
Fr John

Subject:  Re.  Crosses for Stations of The Cross

Hi Jenny,


The crosses have arrived safely and we would like to thank you and your craftsman for this work.

Please tell your carpenter that we are delighted with them and greatly appreciate his work.


Best wishes,



Subject:  Re. Delivery

Dear Antique Church Furnishings,


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my lovely table.  It does the job perfectly.  Thank you also to the wonderful delivery man Lloyd who did such a good job.  Such a punctual, kind, helpful, thoughtful, patient and determined delivery person.


Best regards.



Subject:  Re. Paschal Candle Holder and Oak Altar Cross

Dear Sir/Madam,

Just to inform you that the two pieces arrived today at approximately 6.15pm .  Thank you for ensuring they were packed so effectively . The items arrived in perfect order, and I am grateful for the care that has been taken by you and your staff , which is greatly appreciated .  These articles will now be refurbished and will take their place to enhance the worship of our small country church .


Charles Miller.

Subject:  Re.  Frontal

Hi, Jenny.


We’ve received the frontal and it is stunning—we love it! The Dean is away, but I’m sure that he will be delighted when he sees it. Thank you.


Best wishes,


Subject:  Re. Candlestick



I would like to thank you for the safe and prompt arrival of my candlestick.


It was helpful to know when it would be delivered and it was very well packaged.


with best wishes



Subject:  Re. Pew


Just wanted to leave some feedback about the pew I just purchased.


Absolutely stunning, so happy with my purchase looks great in the kitchen, thank you.

Kind Regards

J Bush


Subject:  Re. Textiles


The textiles arrived in fine shape.  Thank you for packaging them so carefully.  We are very happy with them!

Tom and Abbe




Subject:  Re. Chairs

Hi Jenny,

Just to say that I absolutely love my new chairs. They are perfect; lovely wood, the right size and they have much more charm than your average chair.

Really happy with them.

Best wishes,

Fiona Lowes




Subject:  Re. Pew

Great - thanks.  He arrived a little later than that, which is good as I was out between 4.30 and 5.30, but all well and pew looking lovely in our kitchen.

Many thanks for getting back to me



Subject:  Re. Chairs

Hi Jenny,

All safely delivered, and I'm very pleased with everything.

Kind regards



Subject:  Re. Chairs and tables

Hi Jenny

Thanks so much for all you help. The furniture arrived just now and it looks absolutely beautiful. We will definately be keeping an eye on your website from now on and we will recommend you to friends aswell.

Thanks for the amazing efficiency.

Kara x


Subject:  Re. Chairs

Dear Jenny,
This is to let you know that the 2 chairs we ordered were delivered today in good order.
Thank you so much. It's always a bit of a guess when you order furniture from a web site but these chairs do meet our expections. So thanks agian.
We may order another two in the (near) future.
Have a merry and joyful Christmas and a blessed New Year 2012.
Kind regards,
Arie & Helene Paliama


Subject:  Re. Box

Dear all,


Am delighted with the box! Thank you.


Have a blessed Christmas and rewarding New Year.


Fr Richard Reese


Subject:  Re.   Pew

Hi all! Just thought id let you know that the pew arrived safely night before last. It is really lovely, thank you so much for giving it a polish! It fits perfectly in the window, and matches the woodwork in the room. Thank you once more, and I wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2012,

Miranda Bowen.X


Subject:  Re. Textiles


Abbe and I are very excited about the textiles.  They arrived in excellent condition.  Thank you, again, for the extra work with account numbers and packing.

Abbe's son is a Methodist pastor who is writing a Ph.D. thesis on ethics at the Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.   She leaves tonight for a week-long visit with him, and is taking the textiles to show him.



Subject:  Re. Table

Just to let you know we are delighted with our new pine table


Many thanks


Mike Anderson

Subject:  Re. Door

hi Jenny,
thanks for the delivery of the is great..
one thing i forgot to ask is do you know the history of the door or where it came from


Subject:  Re. Pew


Dear Jenny,
We just got our pew and are very happy with it. The delivery driver was very helpfull and manged to get it in the house by himself.
The pew itself looks fantastic is is exactly the right size.
We will be recommending you to all our friends!
Thanks for all your help,
Ian & Eleanor Eames.

Subject:  Pyx


Dear "Church Antiques" team,


The Pyx has arrived.  It is even lovlier than the photos.   Installation will occur in a week or two and I have a supplier working on the pyx cloth.   Should be ready for "Solemn Transfer of the Blessed Sacrament" on Advent Sunday.   Thank You,



Subject:  Pew


Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to say thanks. The pews are wonderful! I'm really thrilled with them.

all the best





Subject:   Tabernacle

Dear Jenny,

Sorry to have left you in the lurch.

Yes, it has been delivered. It came the very next day as expected. We are exceptionally pleased with it and are just 'sprucing it up' before we put it to use. It was well worth the wait and again, many thanks - working with you was a pleasure - even when things were nerve-wracking!


I hope I have an opportunity to work with you again.


Best regards, 


Br. Sean Beahen




Subject Re:  Nottingham Porphyry Font

The font arrived safely yesterday and we're delighted with it! Many thanks for a hassle free transaction.






Subject:  Re:  Statue


I bought the Spanish Madonna with the gold wand from you a week ago and wanted to let you know how happy I am with her...she's very beautiful...I also wanted to thank the delivery men who were really friendly and thoughtful. 
Many thanks,





Subject:  Re:  Pew


Dear Jenny and the Team


A huge thank you to you all for our beautiful pew - it's gorgeous and will be taking pride of place in our new home next month.


Could you please pass on our thanks to Geoff the driver too - he did a great job and we were able to share the Royal Wedding balcony kiss with him over a celebratory cup of tea!



Sally Jeff and Evie

 with very best wishes



Subject:  Re:  Blog

Hi Jenny - Have just read the blog - Evie is highly delighted to have been described as 'Dear Dog of the Day'!  Thank you for making us all feel very special indeed - from Sally Jeff and Evie with love and best wishes



Subject: Re: Southend pew

Hi Jenny,

Hope you're well today! I just wanted to send my thanks to you for the lovely pew, which arrived yesterday in really good time. It's been lovely dealing with you, I wish you every success in the future!

Best wishes,


Subject: RE: pew and table

Hi jenny,

Just wanted to let you know the new table is great! It fits size wise and looks much much better than the original one.  I am just sorting out a photo for you and will send it later today,

best wishes



Subject: RE: Lewes oak lectern

Dear Jenny,

I wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the Antique Lewes Lectern. Its ‘stature’ is well in keeping with our church building. One of our members has a passion for wood and has restored it to a beautiful finish, and the donor is thrilled. It will soon be in use.

Kind Regards,

Jean Howard

Holy Trinity Church


Subject: Re: brass eagle lectern

Many thanks. Anyone who has such lovely dogs on their website must be able to come up with the goods!
My Afghan was much impressed that you give employment opportunities to her canine buddies!



Subject: Re: chapel seat

The chairs have arrived and we are delighted, they look great.

Thank you very much,


Subject: Re: Chapel chairs

We love them Jenny and lots of people admire them.

Thanks again.........



Subject: RE: St. Martin de Porres statue

Dear Jenny,

About an hour after I wrote to you, a knock came on the door from Federal Express. The statue arrived, in absolutely perfect condition and ahead of schedule!

It is so, so beautiful and I can't thank you enough! I'll be leaving a comment on your website later on expressing my gratitude, and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.

Thank you for everything! (And stay warm with all that snow. =)

Kindest regards,
Liz Reynolds and family.


Rec'd St Winefride yesterday and she's beautiful. Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you

Erin Bissonnette
Mankato MN USA


Subject: Re: Chairs here